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This year NiP explored how the use of narrative in architecture, design, writing and other creative disciplines has developed over time. Our guest speakers were asked to map out how their relationship with narrative has developed over time and answer the following questions: 'How and when did you meet narrative?' and 'How has your practice changed since then?’. Narrative in Practice 2013 took place on Saturday 2 November at St. Luke's Community Centre, 90 Central Street, London, EC1V 8AJ.

What is Narrative in Practice about

What is narrative for you, in your practice? How can stories or story–telling be of use to a design process? Where do your narratives come from? Are they important to the success of your project? Within creative practice, ‘narrative’ is a subjective and illusive term, and has a wide variety of meanings. As curators we understand narrative to be a tool that creative individuals can use in their process and outcome. This one–day symposium is curated by Despina Hadjilouca, Nina Honiball and Yukie Nagasawa.